6 best mass gainers of 2021

In this article, you will get information about Everything you need about the best mass gainers. Although we seldom address intentionally gaining weight rather than reducing weight as a culture. There are times when it is acceptable. Consuming a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly are critical components of a healthy lifestyle and habit. And should result in a relatively stable weight. Many variables are affecting your health that is unrelated to your weight. And being slim is not always indicative of general vitality.

You may be skinny yet deficient in key vitamins and minerals. Also, you can be bulked up on steroids but deficient in good fats. Occasionally, individuals become underweight owing to a variety of possible underlying illnesses. Also, they are interested in bulking up in the gym and need a safe method to supplement their diet. This is where mass gainers come into play.

How to addition or elimination of supplements from your diet ?

To begin, I am neither a healthcare professional nor am I an expert in exercise or nutrition. This article is intended to pique your curiosity. And any health choices about the addition or elimination of supplements from your diet should be made in consultation with your physician. That being said, if you\’re looking to bulk up in the gym, mass gainers are an excellent option. Additionally, if you\’re looking to gain weight after surgery or health concerns, they\’re a quick method to do it without filling your face with nachos and doughnuts.

Mass gainers are often prepared with a concentrated blend of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs, which provides more calories than a normal meal or protein drink. They\’re a more healthy method to gain weight than overindulging in fatty meals. And they offer your body a reasonably clean energy source. Let\’s take a look at a couple of the available choices and discuss what makes each one noteworthy. The following is a list of the top bulk gainer supplements for 2021.

Best mass gainers list

Best mass gainers help people get the extra calories they need to build muscles.

Optimum Nutrition Mass Gainers

This Optimum Nutrition bulk gainer supplement now has over 35,000 Amazon reviews. And also, an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, so you know it\’s excellent. Each two-scoop meal has 1,250 calories and 50 grams of protein. These help fuel hard workouts and aids in muscle growth post-lift. Additionally, this mix contains Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D for immune support, as well as Vitamin E. Additionally, each dose includes over 250 grams of carbs for quick energy, and the combination of 25 vitamins and minerals incorporates creatine. And glutamine, two great recovery ingredients.

This powder is simple to include in smoothies, shakes, or even overnight oats. And at less than $50 for a 12-pound bag, it is also one of the least expensive mass gainer supplements we discovered. These Optimum Nutrition bulk gainer supplements are the best mass gainers with vitamins.


This muscle gainer supplement is available at the BSN Store for nutrition and supplements. And has somewhat fewer calories per serving. If you\’re searching for anything in the 1,200-calorie range that still contains 50 grams of multi-source protein and 215 grams of carbs. Carbohydrates are derived mainly from rolled oats, ensuring that you are not feeding your body with garbage. And the mix also includes BCAAs and other important amino acids that help in recovery. Although the ingredients aren\’t the healthiest, customers remarked that it works quickly and has a pleasant flavour.

Reviewers remarked on how individuals with quick metabolisms would enjoy the calorie increase. And the fact that the texture is not as gritty as some other supplements. Also, and at less than $50 for a 12-pound bag, it is also one of the least expensive mass gainer supplements we discovered. These muscle gainer supplements are the best mass gainers with vitamins multi-source proteins.


If you\’re seeking to gain weight quickly, NAKED\’s calorie-dense mass gainer is the way to go. It is made with basic, pure ingredients and has a calorie count of 1,360 per serving. The calories, 50 grams of protein, and 251 grams of carbohydrates are derived from a combination of Naked whey, Naked casein, organic maltodextrin, organic coconut sugar, and organic raw cacao. You don\’t have to use drugs to gain weight if you want to eat healthily – and this supplement will assist you in doing so. Carbohydrates provide a clean source of energy, while whey and casein supply essential amino acids for your body to efficiently build proteins. Also, these NAKED\’s calorie-dense mass gainer is the best mass gainers with a clean source of energy.

BEST VALUE Dymatize Super Mass Gainers Protein Powder

This muscle gainer supplement powder costs $0.26/ounce, which is a bargain in comparison to other choices but still delivers a strong punch with 1,280 calories, 52 grams of protein, 10.7 grams of branched-chain amino acids, and 5.1 grams of Leucine, which helps in muscle protein synthesis. Additionally, this mix includes 245 grams of carbohydrates and 17 vitamins and minerals to aid in the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue, constant recuperation, and balanced nutrition. It is available in a variety of tastes, including dark chocolate, gourmet vanilla, and cookies & cream. Each flavour has the same nutritional advantages.

MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass Diet Supplement MOST DELICIOUS TASTING

The flavour of this MuscleMeds chocolate fudge mass gainer supplement was lauded by reviewers. It is a 100 per cent beef protein isolate weight gainer, therefore vegans should go elsewhere. It has more than 700 calories per serving, 50 grams of protein, 125 grams of carbohydrates, and is also low in fat. Because it is less concentrated than other alternatives, it is an excellent choice if you\’re searching for a protein powder/mass gainer combination.

What are the advantages of beef protein? It\’s gentler on the stomach due to its lactose, sugar, dairy, and gluten-free composition. Additionally, beef protein may provide large quantities of amino acids for quick absorption. These MuscleMeds chocolate fudge mass gainer supplements are the best mass gainers for beef protein isolate weight gainers.

BEST VEGAN Naked Mass Vegan Mass Gainer Protein Powder

Needless to say, you don\’t need to eat a lot of beef to gain weight – this vegan mass gainer pill from Naked will suffice. It has just three ingredients: pea protein isolate, rice protein isolate, and organic maltodextrin (made from gluten-free organic tapioca). It\’s a pure mix that\’s devoid of soy, genetically modified organisms, gluten, dairy, and artificial sweeteners. Each serving of this vegan protein powder has 1,230 calories — the same as some other brands including meat — as well as 50 grams of protein, 248 grams of complex carbohydrates, and 10.3 grams of BCAAs. It contains all of the key amino acids your body needs for protein synthesis and is lactose-free, so it will not irritate your stomach.

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