Best way to improve fitness fast

If you’ve started to perceive that you get out of breath after one flight of stairs, it’s the best time to work on your fitness. The good news is that it won’t take a long time to improve fitness fast no matter what type of exercise you choose. About a month or two, if not a few weeks, although for sure discipline will help you improve faster than others. Some – shock horror – are also harder. They also range from being affordable for everyone to being a bit of a financial stretch for many.

To help you choose the best way to get fit fast, we asked many experts in the field of sport and exercise to find out how their area helps people get fitter, how long before a beginner can expect to see good results, and how much of a shock to the system it’s going to be at first.

I have got the lowdown on the best ways to improve your fitness below.

Working out

The cost:almost nothing, but a subscription with Freeletics costs from 2 USD a week

  • In what ways do you get fitter?

Regular high-intensity bodyweight training will make you stronger and increase stamina, it also promotes mobility, co-ordination, stability and balance.

  • How hard will it be when you first start?

It will be very hard , but it’s worth it because you will soon see good result.

  • How often should you do it as a beginner?

If your goal to maintain your current fitness level you will be able to get away with two sessions a week, as long as they are very effective workouts. If you want more progress, aim for three sessions a week, and if you want to lose more weight you may be looking at four


The cost: As a minimum, you’ll need only a bike, a lock, and (although it’s not a legal requirement) a helmet. If you buy new expect to spend at least 400 USD for all three products you need, though the Cycle to Work scheme could save you a bundle of money. If you go second-choice you should be able to pick up a good bike for under 250 USD, possibly as little as 100 USD

Eventually there will be a clear improvement in your legs, abdominals and upper body. However, the biggest development will be to your aerobic fitness.

  • How hard will it be when you first start?

Unless you’re aiming on your bike having built up a solid fitness base from another sport, the chances are you’ll be probably unfit and it will be hard. Sitting on the bike for some hours on end may also feel a bit more uncomfortable than it did when you were a kid.

  • How often should you do it as a beginner?

It depends on your goal and how much time you can dedicate on cycling. I would recommend starting at something you believe it can be done and then do it again. If there are no issues then you should progress, but never increase the time or distance you cycle by more than 55 % from one session to the next one.

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